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Student Testimonials
Job shadows have very much so influenced my life powerfully. I have gotten an insight into many various careers in the medical field. A year ago, I had no idea there was a difference between and MRI tech, an ultrasound tech, and a radiologist, but as I job shadowed all those, I realized how different they all were. Before doing job shadows I didn’t realize there were so many choices I get to pick from to get a career. I used to know only of nurses and doctors, and job shadows helped me explore more, and also learn the different career choices and the responsibilities of each one of them.
by Liliya F.
Employer Testimonials
It has been such a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to mentor these young ladies from Barbara Roberts. I have been so impressed, as I have gotten to know the girls, at their determination to succeed against difficult odds. I sincerely hope that whatever contribution that we are able to make will help them achieve the goals that they have set for their futures.
by Bonnie Beam, BJB Design


Ready to Learn – Ready to Work is designed to help prepare Salem-Keizer students for success.  Through work-based learning experiences ranging from job shadows and internships to workplace tours and classroom presentations, employers will help make lessons come alive in a hands-on setting.  When students have access to the workplace, they learn first-hand how things they study in school are connected to jobs, careers, and further education.  Students better understand the importance of workforce skills and attitudes and begin to develop a vision of their future.

Please select one of the following categories and the Ready to Learn – Ready to Work coordinator will help connect you and your students to the world of work. Thank you.

provide an opportunity for a classroom of students to hear firsthand about a particular occupation, the necessary preparation and required knowledge the occupation requires, and other interesting information from a current practitioner in that field.  The visit typically lasts from 20-60 minutes. Only career related guest speakers are arranged though the Ready to Learn – Ready to Work website.  Request a Speaker >

During the speaking engagement, a business person provides students with a glimpse of their career and/or company.  Students often have unrealistic expectations about careers and workplace requirements and need the insight that a business person can provide. Once the presentation has been arranged please have a student meet the presenter in the office and escort them to class. Finally, please send a thank you note to the guest speaker for taking the time to present. Please fill out the information below to request a guest speaker.

typically occur over 4-5 class sessions. Topics include what employers look for in an employee, networking and dress for success, personal finance, resume writing and mock interview.  Request a Mentoring Workshop >

WORKSITE TOURS provide an opportunity for students to explore careers and the world of work by visiting a business where they will observe and ask questions about careers, skills, and tasks performed by the company.  Site visits typically last one to four hours and the group size varies to meet each organization’s unique needs.  The visits introduce students to potential careers by allowing them to view an organization’s daily routines and activities. The Ready to Learn – Ready to Work program does not provide funding for transportation or cover the expense of substitutes. Request a Tour >

MOCK INTERVIEWS provide an opportunity for students to participate in actual interviews with community representatives and to receive feedback regarding their interview skills.  During the mock interview the employer will conduct one-on-one interviews with a student preparing to enter the workforce or learning more about the interview/hiring process.  The employer will provide feedback to the instructors and students.  Mock interviews can take as little as 10-15 minutes or as long as 30 minutes.  Students should be prepared with resumes prior to interview.  Request a Mock Interview >

offers an intensive learning experience for student volunteers in which they can “try on” various adult roles while providing vital services to the community.  It is a program that demands responsibility and commitment, and it challenges students to participate actively in and contribute to the welfare of the community.

During the service learning, the student focuses on a need in their community.  Students receive academic credit, and learning objectives are established and agreed upon by the student, community supervisor and the teacher.  Students will learn about the value of service.  This experience will help the students grow: to see relationships between prior experiences and future action and to see how a single experience relates to a broader context.  With guidance, the students should see the effects of poverty and true human need on society and understand the impact of their service.  Request a Service Learning Experience >