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Student Testimonials
I have been in the health Occupations classes for two years now. From my experiences, I have learned that I wanted to become a physical therapist. I have been on a couple of job shadows before but I never really knew what happened in emergency rooms and clinics. When I finally got the chance to go on a job shadow to a local physical therapy clinic, I found that I really enjoyed seeing what a physical therapist does. I used to want to be a surgeon but since I didn’t get to a chance to job shadow a surgeon, I changed my career path. Job shadows have a major impact on me so I know what to expect, and what there is to do.
by Andy C.
Employer Testimonials
It has been such a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to mentor these young ladies from Barbara Roberts. I have been so impressed, as I have gotten to know the girls, at their determination to succeed against difficult odds. I sincerely hope that whatever contribution that we are able to make will help them achieve the goals that they have set for their futures.
by Bonnie Beam, BJB Design


Guest Speaker Resources

Looking for a guest speaker to talk with your students about careers? How career skills apply to what students are studying in math, science, English or social studies?  Discuss keys to successful employability; resume writing, interviewing skills, personal finance.  Here are just some examples of opportunities available to you and your students.


To ensure the best experience for you, your students and the business partner coming to speak with your class; here are some tips for setting the stage for a guest speaker presenting to your class.

Complete and return this evaluation form following a speaker in your classroom.  It will provide valuable feedback to both the speaker and staff to ensure students are receiving the most value from a guest presentation. This form may be able to be used for CRLS documentation.


Mock Interview Resources

Use this checklist to ensure students are prepared for their interview.

A list of commonly asked interview questions students should be prepared to answer in any interview setting.

An interview is a two-way conversation. Students should be prepared to asked a potential employer about their organization and what role they would play as an employee.

For use by business partners interviewing students.  Provides valuable feedback for follow-up.