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Student Testimonials
Job shadows have very much so influenced my life powerfully. I have gotten an insight into many various careers in the medical field. A year ago, I had no idea there was a difference between and MRI tech, an ultrasound tech, and a radiologist, but as I job shadowed all those, I realized how different they all were. Before doing job shadows I didn’t realize there were so many choices I get to pick from to get a career. I used to know only of nurses and doctors, and job shadows helped me explore more, and also learn the different career choices and the responsibilities of each one of them.
by Liliya F.
Employer Testimonials
It has been such a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to mentor these young ladies from Barbara Roberts. I have been so impressed, as I have gotten to know the girls, at their determination to succeed against difficult odds. I sincerely hope that whatever contribution that we are able to make will help them achieve the goals that they have set for their futures.
by Bonnie Beam, BJB Design

Survey Info

Summary of Chamber Input On
Career Related Learning Standards

Keizer Chamber of Commerce
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce

In surveys of local employers conducted at Salem and Keizer Chamber meetings, key themes arose regarding the essential skills and attributes they need in prospective employees.  These key behaviors and abilities were identified from among Oregon’s Career Related Learning Standards which are now required of all high school graduates in Oregon.

The most prominent needs for employers is that their workforce demonstrates the following, in ranked order:

  • Reliable attendance
  • Appropriate dress, appearance and hygiene for the job
  • Responsibility for workplace decisions
  • Ability to give and receive feedback
  • Effective team skills
  • Initiative in tasks needed to be completed
  • Ability to identify problems

While all of the Career Related Learning Standards were valued by local employers, the above were higher priorities according the surveys.  For a full list of the Career Related Learning Standards click here.