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Student Testimonials
I have been in the health Occupations classes for two years now. From my experiences, I have learned that I wanted to become a physical therapist. I have been on a couple of job shadows before but I never really knew what happened in emergency rooms and clinics. When I finally got the chance to go on a job shadow to a local physical therapy clinic, I found that I really enjoyed seeing what a physical therapist does. I used to want to be a surgeon but since I didn’t get to a chance to job shadow a surgeon, I changed my career path. Job shadows have a major impact on me so I know what to expect, and what there is to do.
by Andy C.
Employer Testimonials
It has been such a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to mentor these young ladies from Barbara Roberts. I have been so impressed, as I have gotten to know the girls, at their determination to succeed against difficult odds. I sincerely hope that whatever contribution that we are able to make will help them achieve the goals that they have set for their futures.
by Bonnie Beam, BJB Design


Salem – Keizer High Schools

West Salem High School
1776 Titan Drive
Salem, Oregon 97304

McNary High School
595 Chemawa Road North
Keizer, Oregon  97303


McKay High School
2440 Lancaster Drive NE
Salem, Oregon  97305


South High School
1910 Church Street SE
Salem ,Oregon  97302


North Salem High School
765 14th St NE
Salem, Oregon  97301


Sprague High School
2373 Kuebler Rd. S.
Salem, Oregon  97302


College Preparation Program


Cathy McInnis