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Student Testimonials
Job shadows have very much so influenced my life powerfully. I have gotten an insight into many various careers in the medical field. A year ago, I had no idea there was a difference between and MRI tech, an ultrasound tech, and a radiologist, but as I job shadowed all those, I realized how different they all were. Before doing job shadows I didn’t realize there were so many choices I get to pick from to get a career. I used to know only of nurses and doctors, and job shadows helped me explore more, and also learn the different career choices and the responsibilities of each one of them.
by Liliya F.
Employer Testimonials
I just finished talking with another job shadow student. Since we are a small start-up company, students spend most of their time with me talking about career options in aviations. During the interviews, I hear concise lucid questions from well-prepared students. Their questions and attitude are clearly goal-oriented. Having students in our place of business offers us the opportunity to introduce young people to aviation and small business, to dispel any misconceptions and to encourage them to pursue their aviation career options.
by Jim Graham, Graham Aviation


Career Related Learning Standards

Interview Resources

These resources will help you prepare for an interview, whether as practice in a classroom setting, or in a true job interview.


Handy tips for anyone preparing for an interview.

Here are some suggested questions to prepare for in a typical interview. The range of questions provides an opportunity for potential employers to better understand test your communication skills and your leadership abilities, plus what your goals are in education and career.

An interview is an opportunity for the employer to learn about you-but also for you to determine if the job is a good fit.  Be prepared to ask several of these questions.

Interviewee questions to ask in an Interview  

This form will be completed following a mock interview to provide you feedback about your performance and enable you to continuously improve your interviewing skills. 


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